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About Flint’s BBQ


Flint’s Barbecue was a local barbecue restaurant chain opening their first location at 6637 E. 14th Street in Oakland, CA. Flint’s soon then opened two additional locations at 6609 Shattuck Ave and 3114 San Pablo Ave. also in Oakland, CA.

Flint’s was founded by Willie Flintroy in 1968 but was eventually taken over by his brothers Freeman and Neil after his untimely passing in 1972.

Flint’s was always a no-frills affair. The Shattuck location was take-out only and lines would form around the block to taste this delicious BBQ.

A major part of the love for Flint’s was it’s sauce. Customers would ask for it to be poured on the potato salad, and mop up the last drops with the slices of white bread that came with every order.

This love for sauce later would prompt Flint’s to begin selling their famous sauce for their beloved customers to take home. Flint’s thrived for more than 40 years until their final location closed in 2010.

After being defunct for 10 years, the granddaughter of Flint’s founder, Crystal Martin, began to fulfill her childhood dream of reopening Flint’s Barbecue and continuing the legacy of this legendary brand.



As a child my only memory of Flints is running around the back prep area and helping out with peeling potatoes.

Another time I remember going in and getting food for a family repast we were going to attend.

When Flints shut down I remember feeling sad because our family business was no more and every time we would drive by I would ask my mom “But why?” As I started to get older, a teen or young adult I would tell my mom WE should reopen it, why can’t WE do it?

Her response was “Baby, that’s A LOT of work!”

Moving on into today’s world of social media I would often get tagged in posts of people sharing their fond Flints memories and one day there was a particular post comparing Flints to another BBQ joint and the caption was “Which did you prefer?” And out of 400+ comments many did not say they didn’t prefer Flints and I thought to myself, you know what? I’m just gonna do it and here we are!

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